For the Love of Dogs with Alison Hammond

Our award-winning primetime ITV show For the Love of Dogs is now back on our screens.

Following the passing of our much-loved Ambassador, Paul O’Grady, Series 12 of For the Love of Dogs will see new presenter Alison Hammond follow the stories of the rescue dogs in our care looking for help, love and new homes.

Series 12 on ITV from Tuesday 16 April

Filmed this year, the 12th series of For the Love of Dogs, will air on ITV from Tuesday 16 April. Our staff and volunteers loved working on this series with Alison, and we know that it will bring lots of joy and laughter to viewers.



In the first episode of the new series, Alison has her heart stolen by adorable three-week-old Crossbreed puppy Oscar who has had a tough start to life, having been found abandoned in a bin before being taken to Battersea. Luckily, Alison is on hand every step of the way with bottle feeds and licky mats to help this brave boy grow. Will Alison be able to help this bundle of cuteness find a forever home?

Next up Alison meets seven-year-old Spaniel Nelly, whose eye condition is concerning staff. After Alison takes her to Battersea’s clinic, it’s discovered that Nelly will need to undergo a serious operation and Alison will need to be on hand to help Nelly adjust to her new life and give her the TLC she needs to help her recovery. Luckily for Nelly, Alison has a special treat in mind to keep her spirits up.

Finally, Alison meets loveable live wire Bobby, a one-year-old Spaniel Cross. Battersea staff think he might have what it takes to make it as working dog, but he’s going to need Alison’s help to keep his active mind focused with some scent training to help him channel his energetic ways. 



This week in the second instalment of For the Love of Dogs, Alison meets Pluto a two-year-old Saluki who is taken into Battersea’s clinic after being found abandoned in cemetery with a broken leg. After Pluto undergoes life-changing surgery, Alison is on hand to help keep this brave boy’s spirits up whilst he’s cared for by Battersea’s expert teams.      

Next up, Alison meets three-year-old Frenchie, Duchess. This young lady is finding life in kennels a little stressful and as a flat-faced breed, Duchess is struggling with her breathing and will need to undergo Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome (BOAS) surgery to help. In the meantime, to keep Duchess settled, Alison holds a special calming session for her so she can stay chilled out and relaxed.  

Last but by no means least, Alison makes friends with five-year-old Bichon Frise, Dougal. This ball of fluff has some seriously matted fur and needs Alison to line up a much-needed makeover to help him look his best while he searches for a new home.



In the third instalment of For the Love of Dogs with Alison Hammond, Alison meets one-year-old Pug, Stan, who’s had a tough start in life after coming into Battersea as a stray with a worrying limp. After a trip to clinic, its discovered that Frank is going to need surgery on one of his hips. Luckily for this poor Pug, Alison is on hand to help to offer him some much needed TLC whilst he undergoes his recovery.  

Next up, Alison meets worried German Shepherd Abigail, who is shy around new people and is also worried of noise. Alison is going to have to take things slow and steady to help show this nervous girl that the world isn’t such a scary place.

Finally, Alison comes across lively Lurcher pups Randall, George and Mikey who came into Battersea after their owner could no longer care for them. Alison makes a start on helping write up their rehoming profiles to help match them with new owners, but will she be able to teach them some much-needed manners before they go off to their forever homes?  



In episode four of For the Love of Dogs with Alison Hammond, Alison meets two sweet Labrador Retrievers, Paul and Prue. These inseparable best friends are looking for a new home together but whilst Paul is a confident canine, Prue is a nervous girl who needs help with her confidence. Alison sets up a special calming session to help Prue come out her shell, but will Alison be able to find this cute pair a forever home together?

Next up, Alison meets new arrival Poppet, a three-month-old stray Lurcher. Battersea staff are worried about this poor pup’s unusually bent legs and Alison is going to need be on hand every step of the way to help Poppet’s recovery whilst he gets specialist care from our veterinary and hydrotherapy teams. Perhaps Alison can find a four-legged friend to help keep Poppet’s spirits up.  

Finally, Alison finds two-year-old Maltese, Tilly who is very worried around new people. Alison is going to have to take things slow and steady to help build Tilly’s trust so she can make new friends and live her best life.



In the fifth episode of For the Love of Dogs with Alison Hammond, Alison meets two-year-old Labrador Flora who has come into Battersea with some serious skin issues that need urgent attention. Luckily for Flora, Alison and Battersea’s teams are on hand to give Flora a special medical bath to help her skin heal and give her some much-needed TLC.

Next up Alison meets Archie, a nervous two-year-old Crossbreed. After Alison helps Archie’s confidence grow by getting him used to some household items, Battersea’s veterinary team become concerned about one of Archie’s eyes and he’ll need Alison on hand every step of the way for moral support and lots of cuddles.    

Last but not least, Alison meets 10-month-old Bessie a Maltese-Cross who has come into Battersea with some seriously matted fur and is in desperate need of a bath and a groom. Can Alison help this young lady look her best before she goes off to her new home?