Cat diet advice

02 Jun 2023

Most cats don't have a problem tucking into their meals, but some take a bit of coaxing to keep a healthy diet. Follow these cat feeding tips when it comes to meal time and your cat will be dining daily.

Feed your cat tinned and dried cat food – Both tinned and dried food will give your cat the nourishment they need, but dried food also helps to clean their teeth.

Feed your cat twice a day – Dried food can be left down all day so your cat can eat when they please. Kittens and older cats need smaller but more frequent meals.

Be consistent – Your cat will let you know which brand and flavours they like best, and often won’t touch anything else! Try not to change your cat's diet frequently as this can cause an upset stomach.

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Be sanitary – Ensure food and water bowls are placed well away from the litter tray. Food bowls, including those which are only used for dried food, should be cleaned daily. Cats are fastidious creatures and some won't eat from used bowls.

Provide easily accessible water – Clean, fresh water should always be accessible – never give your cat milk as this could upset their stomach. Water should be contained in a ceramic or metal bowl. It is advisable to have a second water bowl, placed away from the food bowls, under a desk or bed.

Stimulate your cat – You could use meal times to provide your cat with stimulation by hiding food portions or putting food in an activity ball.

Know what they can't eat – Not all everyday foods and items are safe if your cat comes into contact with them. Learn which items are particularly dangerous to your cat.

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