• Age 2 years, 8 months
  • Living with children Prefer to live with adults only
  • Breed lurcher
  • Living with dogs Prefer To Live With
  • Sex Female
  • Living with cats Not To Live With
  • Size Medium
  • Ideal home location Away From Inner City
  • Centre Brands Hatch
  • Reference 406444

More about SAVANNAH

Savannah is based at our Brands Hatch centre. If you think you have the right home to offer her, please start the rehoming process on our website. If you are fully registered, please contact the Brands Hatch rehoming team at

Meet Savannah!

Savannah is our luscious Collie cross Lurcher who has some unusual but wonderful markings. Savannah came to us from stray kennels and she is a very sweet young lady who builds very strong bonds with people once she gets to know them. She is a huge fan of her toys and enjoys nothing more than scooting around and throwing her toy in the air!

Savannah is underconfident and worried and will often vocalise these worries by alarm barking or she will actively try and avoid at things that scare her. With careful socialising around friendly but steady dogs, Savannah has managed to come out of her shell and is slowly learning how to play and interact with the world!

Due to what we have seen on site, we feel Savannah would benefit from living with a steady, friendly and well-rounded doggy friend as we have seen that she can relax whilst being in their company. We hope this would help Savannah manage her anxiety around new and scary experiences. Savannah needs new owners who can keep her company as she settles and to be patient whilst they help her gradually build her confidence with new people and dogs.